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Bitcoin will save the world

bitcoin will save the world

periods of chaos and loss of identity for groups and even nations. They have to start sharing the holy grail with John Doe, speak on stages, preach their belief to the millions that live in darkness, unaware of the tsunami of change that is awaiting. In this article, user Solitude wrote, Less economic freedom implies less economic opportunities, less investment, less jobs, etc. In the beginning, it had the same promise as the blockchain revolutionary potential has now. They are in so so deep that for them the coming revolution is more than obvious. It is already possible to transfer bitcoins borderless on a neutral blockchain to somebody with a reasonable phone in Africa.

Real letters in envelopes with stamps on them reached their destinations in days or weeks worldwide, the dial-up phone was doing well and taxis where available at your local bus or train station. Compare what is happening right now with the birth of the Internet. The crypto revolution will only work with the adaption from and consensus of the mainstream.

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Wieoss teigt bitcoin weiter
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So a new, more absolute and radical instrument of 100 decentralization arose out of the open source magic hat: the internet of money, presenting a trustless digital ledger that rules out any middleman, human failure or corruption. My guess is we will see this more in the coming years. Somebody making a social media post in Egypt can engine a revolution, a funny dance can go viral in a weekend and create a completely new dance style. At the most basic level, countries that embrace the principles of economic freedom have the means, and are more likely to provide better health care overall from birth to death. Where people are censored, where people are unbanked for no reason. All seemed to work fine. With this evidence we can conclude that with higher economic freedoms in the world this is not only life changing, but is life saving for people in many different countries. The free information-flow of the internet got eventually corrupted.